Yoga heals and detoxifies the body and mind with emphasis on movement, balance and intention. 
We also offer Therapeutic SomaYoga classes,  Boot Camp and Zumba!
Participants at all levels of experience are welcome!  If you want strong bones, you have to use them!  Everyone needs lifelong weight-bearing exercise to build and maintain healthy bones.  Come Join Us!

YOGA FEST 2015!!!

Yoga Fest in April was a blast!  It was so great to explore different styles of classes and teachers with you all.  We are so blessed with our yoga community.  Namaste!

Chris is  taking 10 yoginis from our yoga community with her to France this year in June!  We will be posting pictures and reports from the road as we discover France and all it's flavors - and practice yoga each day to boot! 


We have the best quality instructors around with studio locations in Scandia (Yoga Hus) and Forest Lake(Yoga Forest)! 


Two locations: Yoga Hus Scandia &

Yoga Forest  in Forest Lake!
We specialize in Vinyasa flow classes- yoga postures in connection with the breath.  However we also offer restorative, therapeutic and gentle classes.  Presenting a well balanced yoga practice that develops strength, balance and flexibility.